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Lost or stolen FVG authorization

If your valid FVG authorization has been stolen or lost, you must submit (also by third parties) the following documents exclusively where you had picked it up (ETP License Offices or ETP Issuing Points)

  • Self Declaration (I) fill it out with date and number of the stolen/lost authorization
  • copy of a valid identity document and, if you live in Italy, tax code
  • original postal payment slip of € 5,00 (current account No. 207332 - Ente Tutela Pesca FVG - reason for payment “Duplicate of Authorization No……. dated…….issued by………..)
  • passport or valid identity document for abroad legal residents
  • valid Italian fishing license for residents in Italian regions different from FVG

INFO ETP License Offices - tel. (+39) 0432.551.222/202, email: