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Children under 14 years of age

Italian and foreign citizens, living everywhere, under 14 years of age , can  fish in FVG only if accompanied by an adult with a FVG fishing license and the annual data log “Libretto Annuale Ricognitivo”, or a FVG fishing authorization.

Children under 14 years of age do not pay fee.

An adult can accompany three children.

Captured fish is included in the amount belonging to the adult.

In case of control by the Fishing Surveillance Operators (FSO), provide a valid identity document of each minor; otherwise, you need to declare the identity of the children to the FSO, who will verify it.

After the thirteenth birthday, children living in FVG, can enroll for the course to get the FVG enable, but they can require the ETP fishing license only from fourteen  birthday.

INFO: ETP License Office - tel. (+39) 0432.551.222/202, email: